Mission statement

A town, village, street, garden or a bench in a park form spaces and places of our living environments. Arranging the spaces where one may be pleased to stay for life with a feeling of its being one’s own is relevant to us in any situation. Lack of personal territory constitutes one of the most threatening life situations. Everyone is ascribed to a specific place and somehow attached to it permanently.

Different modes of thinking and cultural trends find their reflection in reality and have an influence on people. Because of the long-term process of shaping one’s space and different circumstances which influence it, our reality becomes multifaceted and complex. As a result of conflicting interests, altering historical epochs, technological and economic development of the environment surrounding us, conflicts and frictions may arise.








A balance in this environment is something we strive to achieve. A balance between human and natural environments. A balance between modern approach and respect for tradition. A balance between designer’s creativity and customer’s expectations. A balance between public and private interests. A balance understood as security, which all people want in their life. We try to create, recreate or maintain the balance between nature, landscape, human living environment and the particular times we live in.

We are seeking urban, architectural and artistic solutions, which tie people to their space in a natural, most comfortable manner. Through our work we try to make each person feel, that the space they live in is their own.



Grupa Projektowa ZOOM - projekt architektoniczny : dom, biurowiec, hotel, pensjonat, szpital, dom inteligentny, rezydencja, adaptacja, ogród, kino domowe - Trójmiasto, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot